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Latest Dev Diary - Thursday, July 18th, 2019

Vote for a Reload Method

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  • Hybrid

  • Simplified

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Hey everyone, back at you with a new entry. Today's topic includes you guys! So, lets talk weapon mechanics for a second. In real life, when you reload a gun, you are pulling out an empty clip, and putting in a full clip, any rounds left in the old clip, are still usable, but they require that you either remove them from that clip, or put that clip back in, at which point you would have only a partially filled clip. In sword art online, there is an ammo counter, and a big part of the game is the fact that the ammo you bring with you is all you have. And we intend to implement this. But there are a TON of ways we could do this, so I decided we should ask the community. I'm going to break down the different ways I would like to do it, and let you guys vote in the poll above. Sounds good? Here are your options:

The Activision Special: Your ammo consists of the rounds in your clip, and the amount total not in your clip, reloading simply refills your clip from your spare ammo. Highly Unrealistic, unless we change the reload times based on how many rounds you have left to suggest that you take the clip out, and fill it the rest of the way up with rounds from, somewhere, a magic bullet dispenser in your leg. The issue with this is that rounds are supposed to already be in clips.
If you vote for this option, you want us to do it this way and ignore the fact it isn't logical, which is fine, Call of Duty are really successful games, it just isn't true to the spirit of the game Firefight is based off of, Gun Gale Online.

Realistic: Your ammo consists of rounds in your current clip, and remaining clips, if you reload with a partially empty clip, the clip is returned to your clip storage, and the next clip is loaded, once you are out of full clips, you will reload your partially empty clips.

Hybrid: Your ammo consists of rounds in your current clip, and the number of remaining rounds you have. There is no visual difference, but if you hold an action key and the reload key, then you reload by taking ammo out of your remaining ammo and loading it into your current clip, this will be faster then a reloading an entire new clip, by the amount of rounds you left in the clip, whereas reloading without holding an action key would just swap you out for an entire new clip, and move the partially filled clip at the back of your theoretical clip queue. This hybrid is still realistic to some degree, and allows players to reload based on their situation, this option would also mean we would add a toggle for which reload method is your default. If you are out of heavy fire, and have a moment to full reload, or you are actively in a firefight, and ran out and find cover, you can do a full clip reload, if you are actively in a firefight and need to reload quickly, or are on the move, you can reload faster by not using your full clip, risking your need for rounds later on when you start to load partially empty clips.

Simplified: Your ammo consists of remaining rounds in your current clip, and remaining clips, you fire every round, and then when your clip is empty, you can reload a new full clip. This is simple to code, simple to track, and allows for much more focus to be applied to firefight tactics and strategy, movement, aiming, conserving ammo, game mode specific features, situational awareness, etc.

It is important to understand that ammo has weight, and you will be limited on how much ammo you can carry with you. You can walk around with a massive minigun sure, but you can only carry one, maybe two 100 round drums. So you really have to plan based on what you are about to do. In adventure mode, ammo can be purchased from various wandering salesmen, portable market units, or shops in towns and cities. You will have a global stash with all your ammo and shit, which you get to have auto selected when you enter matches and stuff. Dungeons will start you off with a preset amount and type of ammo, and you have to survive based on what you find in the dungeon.

Go ahead and think about them all, and give us a vote! We appreciate it.

Until next time,
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