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Mount Olympus


New member
Obviously, FireFight hasn't been released or even the alpha has started, but I thought I might get things started with clan recruiting and recruit some individuals. I want this clan to be nothing short of gods when it comes to playing in the Adventure and Crawler modes so the requirements for leaders of the clan are going to be pretty strict and will be changed as Firefight develops.

These are some requirements for when the alpha starts, I'll be adding more info as dev diaries come out.
  • Active on weekends
  • In-depth understanding of game mechanics
  • Understanding of the whole map when released
  • Quick reaction time, both physically and mentally
I will never have requirements that are like "Be at least level 60 and have the Potato gun" unless levels are something that lockout certain features that will be required for team gameplay. I am a true believer that experience does not mean skill, although in most cases experience does lead to skill.

There will be 12 leaders and each one will pick a greek god to associate with, I really don't care if you don't share the same gender with the god, a god is a god. I obviously will be Zeus. All other clan members will have to choose demigods or whatever else in greek mythology, try to pick something that matches your personality and playstyle.

When alpha starts I fully expect all clan members to act as though they are gods and play as though they are gods (just no cheating).

Feel free to comment asking to join, I will pick leaders a week after alpha starts, no requirements to join right now other than reading each dev diary.

Edit: I might need to think of a better name, or a good way to turn this into a good clan tag, but I want to stick with the greek mythology