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Oct 20th GIVEAWAY - $10 Store Giftcard


Staff member
Hey everyone, I thought I'd do a nice and simple little competition, here's how it works:

The server is our implementation of a highly accurate and fun gun engine, and then game-modes built around that mechanic. If you could design any game-mode you wanted around that mechanic, what would it be, how would it work? Would there be zombies, pvp, giant worms, flags? The sky is the limit, reply to this thread with your idea, and vote for your favorites by slapping that thumbs up. Whichever post has the most likes in 30 days wins the free gift card! Now this comes with some goals too, for every 10 unique people to post an idea, we will increase the gift cards value by Ten dollars. For every 50 unique people that post, we will give away a card of equal value to second place and third place, and so on! So invite your friends, get them to sign up on the forum, and lastly, the idea with the most votes when we release out of beta will be implemented in game as a community game-mode!

IF WE GET, 250 Unique users to post an idea, we will also give away $100 to the winner via paypal! On October 20th!

So get to it men!


New member
HSG (Hot Survival Games) Normal survival games, but with increased loot rarity and 1 block/second border.
Border does 1 heart of damage per second.
Maximum players: up to you, but I'd say 16
Minimum players to start: 2
Grace period: 2 minutes
Natural regeneration enabled, but you cannot go above 8 hearts without a healing potion. Healing potions are common from chests.
Medium sized map (175 x 175)
Deathmatch happens when there are less than ten players left, or if players decide to cast a vote by typing /deathmatch or something along those lines.
All users start with a stone sword and leather armor, you cannot fight until the grace period is up.
One line of your inventory space is cut out, in other words you will only have 27 slots to use.
You receive a slowness effect if you have too many items in your inventory.
This can be decreased if you have lower HP, as if you are too tired to carry more items.
I'm sure there's more things that I can add on, which I will once I get more ideas.